About Crump Seafood

Crump Seafood Market and Sandwich Shop, also known locally as Crump Seafood, is a family-owned and operated take-out business located in the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. Having been open from 1989 until Hurricane Katrina, the building has undergone a total renovation post-Katrina and has re-opened stronger than ever. The business intends to give the New Orleans community the same delicious product offerings, as well as the superior customer service it was known for before Katrina. The company’s mission statement is “to provide quality food and an excellent atmosphere with a New Orleans flavor”.

The company’s mission statement will be achieved through the implementation of a three-part strategy. First, providing quality food means tapping into the two main elements of quality in a food service: variety and freshness. Crump Seafood offers a large variety of food, with a product mix of not only fresh and boiled seafood, but sandwiches, hot plates, salads, soft drinks. In addition, the sandwiches are made-to-order, ensuring the customer with an extremely fresh meal.

Secondly, Crump Seafood Market and Sandwich Shop provide a comfortable and friendly environment, pleasing customers with excellent customer service. It’s no surprise that most of the pre-Katrina clientele were regular customers, returning to a place where every employee and customer in the building knows their name.

Thirdly, a strong New Orleans vibe provides the customer an authentic experience. Not only will the inside décor be New Orleans-themed, but the cuisine is simply representative of New Orleans. And much like New Orleans in general, Crump Seafood gives a homey, neighborhood feel, one in which you feel like you’re dining with your family.



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